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Pindar Vineyards

Green Initiatives

Wine is... one of the most natural things of the world.

~Ernest Hemingway

We at Pindar Vineyards are committed to being leaders in environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture in every step of our operations, from the vineyards to the tasting rooms -- and even Dr. Dan’s personal car, a hybrid.

Our tasting room can accommodate 3,000 guests on a weekend, and this is where some of the winery’s first environmental efforts were focused. The tasting-room light bulbs are efficient compact fluorescents, tasting sheets are recycled, and tasting glasses are washed in a modern, high-efficiency dishwasher that uses a fraction of the water a conventional dishwasher does. The empty bottles from the tasting room are all recycled, and guests who purchase wine can even bring their corks back for recycling into corkboard and flooring.

“Every year you grow something you take a little out of the soil,” says Pindar Damianos, “So it’s important you give it back.” In that spirit we have pioneered the movement away from chemical fertilizers and pesticides with a massive composting operation that benefits both our grapes and our community. The winery combines lawn clippings from dozens of local landscapers, fish parts from a local seafood wholesaler, and our own grape skins into massive piles so imposing Dr. Dan calls them “The Himalayas.” The piles are tended and turned for months to create rich compost, which we spread on top of Long Island’s sandy soil to create the perfect environment for our grapes. With this system our vines are thriving, and tons of organic waste are being returned to the earth instead of wasted in landfills.

We are always looking for new ways to lessen our environmental footprint, and we are tapping into Long Island itself to do so. The winery at Pindar, like its cousin Duck Walk, is being converted to a geothermal heating and cooling system for its wine-making tanks using well water from deep beneath the vineyards that then returns to the earth, a zero-emissions system that is reducing our use of fossil fuels.

We believe that by taking care of the environment, Pindar Vineyards is rewarded with exceptional grapes that we transform into our delicious wine.

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