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Wines Made By Wind

Pindar Vineyards completes installation of the largest Wind Turbine in the Town of Southold, New York

Pindar Vineyards has commissioned GreenLogic Energy, in partnership with PSEG, to install a 156’ foot tall, 100 Kilowatt Turbine at our North Fork Winery location.

The Turbine, manufactured by Northern Power Systems of Vermont, is the largest to be erected in Southold, and will power at least 80% of all Winery operations.


"This is a significant achievement for Pindar Vineyards. A symbol of our  continued commitment to sustainable agriculture and renewable energy,” - Alethea Damianos, Operating  Manager/ Owner at Pindar. 

“This is one of the best sites I’ve seen on Long Island” said Ashlee Reiniger–Sr. Project Manager at GreenLogic (Greenport Resident). “No obstructions and limited turbulence creates an excellent wind regime”.

“Given the available PSEG Rebate and Federal tax incentives, the installation of this wind turbine is a sound commercial investment” Exclaimed John Rocchetta - Director of GreenLogic” The final cost is only a fraction of the net worth of the project yielding an unmatched return on investment.”

“PSEG is pleased to work with Pindar and GreenLogic Energy through our Backyard Wind Program to make this wind turbine installation possible. PSEG remains committed to our efficiency and renewable programs which continue to assist in lowering electric costs, reducing our carbon footprint, and helping to accelerate a clean energy economy on Long Island,” said PSEG chief operating officer Michael D Hervey.

Town Supervisor Scott Russell and the Town Board played an integral role in this significant achievement. In response to Facility Manager/Owner - Alex Damianos, the town quickly adopted a code change to allow for a Turbine of this size.

“We are not only continuing to be environmentally friendly in our agricultural practices, but have now carried that over to our winemaking facility.  Given the large volume that Pindar produces on an annual basis, it was necessary to install a Turbine of this magnitude. This is a milestone in our continued overall plan for sustainable practices.” –Pindar Damianos, General Manager/ Owner.

Over the past decade, Pindar Vineyards has demonstrated its commitment to environmental stewardship in every step of their operations.

During the course of the year, Pindar Vineyards and GreenLogic will be offering educational tours that emphasize the importance of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

“We are now proud to say that the process behind creating every bottle of wine at Pindar Vineyards is environmentally friendly and we continue to seek ways of protecting the integrity of this land for generations to come”  - Pindar Damianos.

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